Next stop…Actionopolis

A subject near and dear to my heart is the Actionopolis book line from Komikwerks. Not only have I authored two book series in the line, but I’m also a partner in Komikwerks.

The first two offerings from the line, The Forest King by Dan Mishkin and Tom Mandrake, and What I did on my Interstellar, Hypergalactic Summer Vacation by Adam Beechen and Dan Hipp are in the current Diamond Previews catalog.

Komikwerks’ latest graphic novel is being offered this month as well…Jason Kruse’s wonderful and charming World of Quest, which comic God Keith Giffen likens to “Conan by way of Calvin & Hobbes”.

Do yourself a favor and order all three! You’ll find them on pages 322 and 323 of Previews. The three books are supported by a full page ad and a half-page ad. View the full-page ad on the Actionopolis site.

And then keep your eyes peeled for Heir to Fire in next month’s catalog!